Monthly Archives: December 2015

TTD Takes the LEAD on Energy Savings

Earlier this month there was an article in The Hour discussing the City of Norwalk’s plans to convert existing street lights to LED lights. Touching on the many benefits that LED lights provide – it also indicated that with the more than 7,000 utility poles in Norwalk, it would take some time and planning to execute the program.

In our district, TTD solely manages 671 street lights and we began our LED light conversion program in early 2013. As of the end of November, this year, we have converted 72% of the lights.

This program, when complete, will result in a wholesale savings of over $62,000 per year and a retail savings of over $80,000 per year.

In addition to the savings, the life cycle of the LED lights vs. traditional lights is near double. On average, LED lights will burn for 80,000 hours, or approximately 20 years whereas traditional lights will burn for 7-10 years.

LED lights are also brighter, creating a safer environment for East Norwalk residents and businesses. Other benefits include less light pollution – no ‘spillover’ of lighting – and the need to change bulbs less frequently reduces the potential for lineman accidents.

This is just one of TTD’s many initiatives demonstrating our commitment to safety and energy conversion – keeping us ahead of the curve.