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Home Energy Savings

Whether we are turning off lights and other appliances when not in use, keeping thermostats at moderate settings (68 degrees for heating, 78 degrees for cooling), using ceiling fans in place of air conditioning, switching to CFLs, or reducing our hot water usage, we all do what we can to save energy and reduce the cost of our utility bills.

However, did you know that heating and cooling can account for up to 50% of our energy usage? We unfortunately can’t control the outside temperatures, but if we can identify where our home is losing energy, we can create a plan to reduce the running time of our heating and cooling systems, while remaining comfortable.

TTD is proud to partner with LanternEnergy to provide our customers with a FREE home energy assessment and services. Here’s what’s included:

• Overall health and safety check
• Blower door test
• Duct test
• Install 4 CFL bulbs and 4 courtesy LEDs
• Install water and water heating energy-saving measures
• Provide special rebate offers for replacing inefficient appliances
• Provide a special rebate offer for installing additional attic insulation

Other things to consider:

• Have your heating and cooling systems checked regularly by a professional
• Install a programmable thermostat
• Change filters regularly during both the heating and cooling seasons
• Keep access to your attic and other unheated areas closed, weather-stripped and insulated
• Caulk around windows and check annually
• Weather-strip around all doors and install door sweeps at the bottom if necessary

For more information and to request your assessment, you can call LanternEnergy toll free at 877-878-3006 for an appointment, or visit their website. You can also pick up your Home Energy Savings Program brochure in the lobby of our office, or download one here (ver aquí en español).