Monthly Archives: May 2016

Connecting with the Community

Our job, as the electric department in East Norwalk, is more than just keeping the lights on. We are an integral part of the community we serve.

Through the years we have participated in a variety of community projects, including programs such as the Touch-A-Truck demonstration at Marvin Elementary School. Presented to all grade levels, this extremely interactive event provides educational value as well as enjoyment for all involved – from the teachers who get to “ride” in the bucket truck, to the TTD team answering questions from the kids.

It’s always a pleasure to see the faces of our neighbors – whether we are out in the field or partnering with the school and community-based organizations.

Yes, our number 1 job is to keep the lights on – Our passion is the community we work and live in.

TTD Touch-A-Truck

2016 touch a truck at marvin schoolTTD staff teach Marvin Elementary School children about electricity with a Touch-A-Truck demonstration for all grade levels.