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Monthly Tree Lighting for June

The tree is lit in teal to symbolize Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
with the supporting organization being the Norwalk Veterans Memorial Committee.
Karen Doyle Lyons, Secretary of the Committee says, “The ‘Veterans Hall of Honor’
at Norwalk City Hall brought many veterans together to talk with each other and their families.
We hope that our veterans seek assistance in coping with the trauma they have experienced.
God Bless them, honor them and thank them.”

For more information on the committeeand Memorial Day please visit:

Nik’s Place: Serving Great Food, Fun & Memories!

A staple in the East Norwalk Community for over 40 years, Nik’s Place is the place to go for delicious food, and a great spot to relax with families and friends.

Owner Steve Kydes bought the business from his Uncle Nik and Aunt Ruth when he graduated college in 2001. Steve loves working in his family’s business and has some great people behind him, including his longtime friend John Georgiadis, where they both take care of day-to-day operations as chefs, engaging with customers and maintaining their charming location.
Steve says, “Every year the business has been going up and up, and we have never had a down year.”

What really makes Nik’s place special is that it is in East Norwalk!
Steve says, “This is one of the last true neighborhoods, where everybody knows their neighbors, the business managers and owners, and departments. We have everything in East Norwalk.” As the years go by, Steve and John noticed their younger customers who have been coming for years, are grown up and now come with their children. “It’s bittersweet watching these kids grow up”, says Steve.

Nik’s Place is where memories develop and flourish, and they don’t stop here. Steve wants everyone to know that he will be leaving the business soon, and will make sure that Nik’s Place is in good hands. Steve says, “I’m still going to live in the neighborhood, and I will always care about this place.”

Free Trees for East Norwalk was a Big Success

The Free Tree program, supported by a grant from the Third Taxing District, was a major success, again this spring. Now in its fourth year, the program, sponsored by the Norwalk Tree Alliance, offers free trees to East Norwalk homeowners. This year, the Tree Alliance took a unique approach to garner community interest in the form of a tree lottery. From over 50 entries, 12 homeowners were randomly selected to have a free tree planted in their yard. Each “winning” homeowner could select from three tree specimens; red maple, white oak and little-leaf linden. “Our goal is to help beautify East Norwalk and add to the quality of our environment,” says Andrew Strauss from the Norwalk Tree Alliance. “As these trees grow and mature, they will enhance Norwalk’s tree canopy that has been challenged by urbanization and, most recently, by storm damage,” says Strauss. Based on the success of the program, the Third Taxing District has awarded a grant to continue the Free Tree lottery and planting program.

For those East Norwalk homeowners interested in a free tree planted in their front yard for next year, please email and visit:

The TTD Crew: The Linemen of East Norwalk!

During the middle of the night, in the rain, snow, thunder and wind, you can be rest assured that the TTD crew is out there restoring your electrical power… if it goes out.

During the 105 years the Third Taxing District has been keeping the lights on for East Norwalk, a lot of the credit goes to their very determined and talented team, including Mike Adams, General Line Foreman, Bill Ruedeman, Chief Lineman, Paul Hedrick, Lineman, Scott Tracy, Senior Utility Specialist, and Joe Chariott, Lead Senior Meter Technician. With over 100 years of combined experience in the team, they have the knowledge, experience and capability to address any issue.

The crew’s day starts as early as 6:30 am, when they prepare the trucks with safety and electrical equipment required for the day’s work. A typical day may have the crews performing routine maintenance on the distribution system, installing services for new customers or replacing old utility poles. At any time, the crew may be called to respond to an emergency, motor vehicle accident or a power outage. Emergencies are not limited to normal work hours. They occur at all hours of the day and night. TTD’s crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies.

TTD’s crew shines brightest during the toughest times, when power outages occur. It is not uncommon to see the crew working in the middle of the night in rain or snow to restore the power to our customers. Mike Adams, says “Although our field crew size is small, their versatility allows them to step into different roles when needed.” To help them perform this task, the crews use specialized line trucks. These trucks vary in size and capability and allow the linemen to work on the distribution system.

The crew enjoys working for TTD because it feels like a family. They are also especially excited for when they can teach students from Marvin Elementary about electricity and electrical safety.

TTD’s General Manger, Kevin Barber says, “On behalf of TTD, we appreciate the work that the linemen and field crew do to keep the lights on for our customers and maintain our system. They do an excellent job and it shows by a ‘Certificate of Excellence in Reliability’ TTD recently received from the American Public Power Association. This is the second year in a row TTD has received this honor. The crew is definitely the reason we are able to keep the lights on.”

Monthly Tree Lighting for May

The tree is lit in orange to symbolize National Gun Violence Awareness. Wear orange to
support and honor those who have passed and let’s rise together for a future free of gun violence.
Honor and cherish those families and friends who have lost their loved ones to gun violence.
For more information on the cause please visit:

Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer

This event is in honor of those who are surviving with Pancreatic cancer, and in remembrance to those who have passed.

On Sunday, April 22nd at Calf Pasture Beach in East Norwalk, more than 130 cars were presented at the show and the day began with a selection of imported, custom and classic cars traveling along a route from Veteran’s Memorial Park through Norwalk to Calf Pasture Beach. The Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer is led by survivor Mark Schlegel, who was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in April of 2015 and dedicates the event to his sister Karen who was diagnosed in September; Karen sadly passed away in December. The goal is to increase awareness of Pancreatic cancer and to help fund research for an early detection test to diagnose this disease. All proceeds from the event will support a landmark, three-year Pancreatic cancer research study at WCHN being led by Dr. Richard Frank, a hematologist/ oncologist and the Director of Clinical Cancer Research at the WCHN Biomedical Research Institute in Danbury and Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center.

Entertainment featured live performances by School of Rock, Pimpinella, Tangled Vine and Straightjackets. There was also a silent auction, to bid on baskets that included automotive supplies, restaurant gift certificates, a child’s birthday party basket including a bouncy house, and so much more. For a ten dollar donation, people received a discount lunch ticket to Ripka’s Beach Café on site. Each car participant had a chance to win a trophy, while attendees were invited to vote for the “People’s Choice Award” and trophies were presented in other categories.

In loving memory of Karen Schlegel ♥︎

Monthly Tree Lighting for April

The tree is lit in BLUE to symbolize National Child Abuse Prevention month with the supporting organization being Norwalk Exchange Club.

“Believe in Blue” is an annual campaign with an effort to reach families across the nation with positive parenting tips.

Ray Cooke, past president says, “The Norwalk Exchange Club, through its support of parent mentor programs, educational programs and community service activities, continually strives to prevent child maltreatment by reducing the risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect.” For more information on the cause please visit:

TTD Recognized Nationally for Reliable Service to East Norwalk

The Third Taxing District in East Norwalk, CT has received the Certificate of Excellence in Reliability from the American Public Power Association (“APPA”) on March 1st, 2018 by significantly outperforming the electric industry national average as reported by the Energy Information Administration. This is the second consecutive year TTD has earned this honor.
APPA is a trade group that represents more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities. “This recognition helps demonstrate public power’s commitment to reliable electric service,” said Michael Hyland, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, at APPA.
“We are proud to receive this recognition. It is a testament to the hard work of all our staff to ensure that the lights stay on for all our customers,” said Kevin Barber, General Manager of the Third Taxing District.

Click here to view the award Certificate of Excellence in Reliability

Shea-Magrath Restoration: Veterans Hall of Honor

The Shea-Magrath Memorial at Calf Pasture Beach Point is in great disrepair. This monument has the names of 216 Norwalk veterans that gave their lives for our freedom.

The Shea-Magrath Restoration/VHH committee is seeking donations towards the restoration.
All donations are tax deductible. Your donation will make this monument once again have the prominence it deserves.

The unveiling of the Plaques will be on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at noon at Calf Pasture Beach Point,
in East Norwalk, CT. We will present a brochure with all the names that have given any amount
towards the restoration as a Thank You for honoring our veterans who have died for us in combat.

Please consider a donation to VHH/Restoration mailed to: C/O Karen Doyle Lyons, City Hall,
125 East Avenue, Room 122, Norwalk, CT 06851.

For further information please contact, Karen Doyle Lyons at 203-854-7764.
Thank you for your kindness and support of our fallen veterans.