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Monthly Tree Lighting for February

The tree is lit in red to symbolize the American Heart Association during the American Health Month.

The American Heart Association was founded in 1924 and is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, both nationally and internationally.

Along with their 30 million volunteers and supporters who understand heart disease, a lot of risks can be lowered by adhering to what they call, “Life’s Simple 7”: not smoking, being physically active, maintaining a healthy body weight, eating a healthy diet, controlling blood pressure,controlling cholesterol and controlling blood sugar.”

In loving memory of those who passed from heart disease or stroke.

East Norwalk Library: Groundbreaking Changes!

The East Norwalk Library has been serving the community since 1915,and for the past several months there have been many positive changes at the Library.

These changes have enhanced the exterior and interior space, with the support and continued funding from the Third Taxing District (“TTD”) and donations from library supporters.

Sylvia Archibald, Executive Director of the library,explains that the most significant change is the use of the physical space within the building.
Book and media shelves have been reconfigured to allow more light, exposing the fifteen windows that surround the building.
We have enhanced browsability and opened up walking space within the building.

The TTD is very supportive of the library and is generous with funding the newly completed projects such as repairing the pillars and library steps, installing four new air conditioning units, applying window films (think energy conservation), and re-painting the parking lines. Another big positive shift is the library programming and Sylvia says, “We make investments in people”. The Library hired a new Children’s Librarian to focus on a new Early Literacy Initiative which focuses on parents, babies and toddlers early education and preparation for kindergarten. “Unfortunately, because of our limited resources and fi nite monies, which most people aren’t aware of, as we are funded differently than the other libraries in Norwalk, that has limited what we can do, we can’t be all things for all people, but if we can have parents come here to get their children ready for school, then we’ve done something that furthers our mission statement.” said Ms. Archibald.

Her staff is in full accord with this ideal. The library now offers year-round programming to children, teens and adults. “We are striving to try to engage the interests of all the members of our community” said Sylvia. They have had cooking demonstrations, art classes and local authors present programs. The Library is looking forward to bringing in informational programs as well, such as, recognizing the signs of dementia, and a live dramatic play. The new programs we are offering range from the “fun with your children” variety, to those touching on more serious issues. Timely topics like teaching teens how to deal with bullying and the consequences of drunk driving.

Our new program schedule is going to prove to be much more informative. We want to get our name out there and let people know we are here, providing ongoing programs that have real value to parents and children of our community.” Sylvia would also like to emphasize that while the East Norwalk Association Library is a private library, they are very much open to the public. This important fact means they are not eligible for state and city funding, but rely solely on funding from the TTD, grants, and donations from the community. So, when a donation is made, it is instrumental in helping to provide programming and enables enhancements to the Library which allows it to continue to provide its services to the community.