Monthly Archives: March 2018

TTD Recognized Nationally for Reliable Service to East Norwalk

The Third Taxing District in East Norwalk, CT has received the Certificate of Excellence in Reliability from the American Public Power Association (“APPA”) on March 1st, 2018 by significantly outperforming the electric industry national average as reported by the Energy Information Administration. This is the second consecutive year TTD has earned this honor.
APPA is a trade group that represents more than 2,000 not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities. “This recognition helps demonstrate public power’s commitment to reliable electric service,” said Michael Hyland, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, at APPA.
“We are proud to receive this recognition. It is a testament to the hard work of all our staff to ensure that the lights stay on for all our customers,” said Kevin Barber, General Manager of the Third Taxing District.

Click here to view the award Certificate of Excellence in Reliability

Shea-Magrath Restoration: Veterans Hall of Honor

The Shea-Magrath Memorial at Calf Pasture Beach Point is in great disrepair. This monument has the names of 216 Norwalk veterans that gave their lives for our freedom.

The Shea-Magrath Restoration/VHH committee is seeking donations towards the restoration.
All donations are tax deductible. Your donation will make this monument once again have the prominence it deserves.

The unveiling of the Plaques will be on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at noon at Calf Pasture Beach Point,
in East Norwalk, CT. We will present a brochure with all the names that have given any amount
towards the restoration as a Thank You for honoring our veterans who have died for us in combat.

Please consider a donation to VHH/Restoration mailed to: C/O Karen Doyle Lyons, City Hall,
125 East Avenue, Room 122, Norwalk, CT 06851.

For further information please contact, Karen Doyle Lyons at 203-854-7764.
Thank you for your kindness and support of our fallen veterans.

Monthly Tree Lighting for March

The tree is lit in Orange to symbolize the National Multiple Sclerosis Society during National Multiple Sclerosis month. Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) is a disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord, and the exact cause of MS is unknown. Lisa Gerrol, President of the CT branch says, “We are here to help families address the complex challenges of living with an incurable, unpredictable disease through our comprehensive network of local programs and services and by funding cutting-edge research to stop the progression of Multiple Sclerosis, reverse the damage, and end MS forever. Additionally, we drive change through advocacy, facilitate professional education, and help those with MS and their families connect to the people, information, and the resources needed to live their best lives.”

For more information about MS, and to get involved, Visit