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Monthly Tree Lighting for September

The tree is lit in purple to symbolize National ITP Awareness Month with the supporting foundation being Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA). ITP is an autoimmune disease in which the body mounts an immune attack on platelets (a component of blood). Beth Siegelbaum who is the secretary of the foundation says, “PDSA was founded to ensure patients would no longer travel the ITP journey feeling confused, lost, frightened and alone. As an empowered community, we look ahead with great optimism for immune thrombocytopenia.”

For more on The Platelet Disorder Support Association please visit:

Harbor Harvest: Empowering Sustainability in East Norwalk

From farm to harbor, then your table…

In May 2018 Harbor Harvest of East Norwalk, a food market dedicated to selling quality sustainable foods, was approved as a designated Marine Highway Program. A project that owner Robert (“Bob”) Kunkel, hopes to develop with the Third Taxing District is a charging station for his hybrid boats. Bob has lived with his family in 06855 for twenty seven years, and believes that this project will bring more support to local farms and small community businesses.

Bob says, “Part of our transportation goals are to develop Hybrid catamarans to move farm products across Long Island Sound. Shipping products by hybrid is more sustainable than transporting cargo on our highways because it eliminates emissions from diesel trucks, reduces the carbon footprint and creates better opportunities for artisans and farmers local in Connecticut, Long Island and New York.” Not only is East Norwalk picking up on the mission of Harbor Harvest, but other large businesses like Farmers Cow, want their product on Harbor Harvest’s Hybrid boats. Bob sees the vision growing and states, “We believe that local food is the future, and that local transportation has to support it. Harbor Harvest is a butcher shop, retail store, farmers market, small café, and is based on local support of the community, and this concept is to inspire other small businesses in East Norwalk to achieve the same goals.”

(203) 939-9289 • • 7 Cove Avenue, Norwalk CT 06855

TTD Beautifies East Norwalk

The Third Taxing District is not only an electric utility. They also have been maintaining East Norwalk parks for twenty years, and continue to do so. Ron Scofield, Assistant General Manager of Third Taxing District, assumed the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance of the parks in 2000. He works with a professional landscaper to maintain their parks – Constitution Park, Edgewater Park and Ludlow Triangle – as well as the East Norwalk Historical Cemetery, Shea-Mcgrath Memorial, Hanford Switch and various traffic islands. Anyone who knows landscaping and gardening, would know that it takes a lot of time and dedication in keeping grass, flowers and trees healthy and properly treated. Ron and his team are dedicated to keeping these parks beautiful for East Norwalk residents. Ron says, “I take a certain amount of pride being able to ride through East Norwalk and see the flowers and grass maintained, because it makes the community look beautiful.”

The maintenance of these parks is based on the current season. In the spring and summer, grass is mowed weekly, flowerbeds are filled with hundreds of colorful flowers and trees are properly pruned. When the warm weather comes to an end and the fall weather is upon us, the parks are cleaned up from fallen leaves and debris in order to be prepared for the blanket of snow that will come in the winter. Ron says, “Because we keep the parks so clean and beautiful, many people love using them for many reasons.” Edgewater park is a popular park by the TTD office.

Being right on the water it has a tranquil view. Ron always sees a lot of activity, which includes people walking their dogs to people sitting in the grass on a blanket or on our park bench. Many residents watch the 4th of July fireworks at the park and make a family event of it. There is something extra special about Edgewater Park. It has a rain garden that was built by the Sound-keeper a few years ago. The purpose of the rain garden is to bring migrating birds a peaceful habitat as well as water. One of the biggest events that is held by TTD in Ludlow Triangle is the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. This event is beloved by the TTD team and the residents of East Norwalk. Ron says, “people never forget it, and the turnout is always great. Seeing the children waiting to meet Santa is a heartwarming moment.” We also light the tree a different color each month to recognize various charitable causes.” Lastly, Ron says “that it is always important to not take anything for granted and be happy and proud of the community we live in.”