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TTD September 2019 Tree Lighting

The tree is lit in Gold to symbolize Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The supporting foundation is Caring With Grace. Caring With Grace was
started by an 11 year-old girl in 2014, Grace Targonski, when she found out her younger brother needed surgery to remove a cyst in his brain, while Grace’s Aunt was fighting cancer. This was when Grace started to raise awareness and collect donations to help children and their families battle cancer.“ Caring With Grace is dedicated to bring support to pediatric cancer patients and their families in any way possible.

There was an event on Thursday, September 12th around the tree at the Roger Ludlow Triangle in East Norwalk, CT. Grace Targonski joined the Third Taxing District Commissioners and Staff to light up the tree in Gold and speak about her organization.

Learn more: Caring with Grace

TTD’s Organization Pick: East Norwalk Business Association

The East Norwalk Business Association (“ENBA”) was started in 2003. Its origins sprang out of a need to address political issues that were affecting East Norwalk, and businesses in particular. Founder and President of ENBA, Winthrop E. Baum says, “we felt in order to gain a voice we needed to galvanize our group of businesses in East Norwalk which totaled about 500 enterprises, ranging from small offices to travel agencies, accounting firms, manufacturers, restaurants and a host of other businesses that did not have a collective voice prior to the formation of ENBA.” The East Norwalk Business Association gives these businesses that voice by speaking to authorities on a variety of subjects such as the Walk Bridge Project, transit-oriented design, CT Department of Transportation on repairing or replacing roads, bridges and more. Mr. Baum says, “Speaking as one business owner, we can only go so far, but speaking as a group we can really have a much greater impact.” ENBA has positively impacted businesses by example of the creation for the plan of a four-lane roadway on East Avenue passing under the 120 yearold bridge which is being rebuilt. Mr. Baum says “Join us! We are all in this together and surely it makes sense for all businesses to participate with us.
Again, individually our voice is muted, but collectively our voice is strong.”

Visit: East Norwalk Business Association

TTD Business Pick: Rise Up Fitness

Rise Up Fitness: Personal and group training for Norwalk “I started Rise Up Fitness in January 2018 and my trainers and clients followed me from the previous gym I trained at,” says owner Bruce Ceja. “I have always loved fitness. I started in boxing at twelve years old, and from there on
fitness became my career.” Rise Up Fitness is a one-of-a-kind private fitness studio that coaches small groups and offers private training.
Everyone who joins classes will eventually know one another well. Bruce says, “It’s like I am training my friends every week, because a lot of
my clients have been training with me for five years.” Rise Up Fitness not only trains in boxing, but also Pilates, weight lifting and cardio
workouts. Bruce also has two dogs that stay with him at Rise Up. His first dog’s name is Brooklyn and she is twelve years old. His second dog’s
name is Crush and she is six months old. Bruce feels good change for Rise Up. His classes are expanding, which means he will offer more
classes and more on the schedule. The current schedule is Boot-camp on Monday, strength training on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is for boxing. Bruce says, “we do all our scheduling through an app called MindBody.” Bruce, his trainers and his students participated in a Spartan Race near West Point in August which is an obstacle course three to four miles long and is very challenging. “I am here to
help and support my students, in any way possible,” says Bruce.

(203) 939-7552 • 242 East Ave, Norwalk

Learn more: Rise Up Fitness

Public Power Week 2019

In October 2019, we celebrate and thank our public power utilities.

Public Power Week is an annual national event coordinated by the American Public Power Association in Washington, D.C. The association represents not-for-profit, community-owned electric utilities that power homes, businesses and streets in nearly 2,000 towns and cities, serving 48 million Americans. With no divided loyalties, these utilities are focused on a single mission — providing reliable electricity at a reasonable price, while protecting the environment.

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