Data Center Substation

The Third Taxing District Electric Department’s Data Center Substation, located at Norden Place, supplies electrical power to the Cervalis Data Center. The substation has a 12,000 kilowatt Main Power Transformer that receives 27,600 volts from the District’s East Avenue Substation and delivers 13,800-volt electricity to the Cervalis facility. A Control House that is located within the Data Center Substation contains protective devices, communications equipment and controls. Although an agreement with the Connecticut Light and Power Company limits the amount of electricity that may be sold to Cervalis, the substation has the capacity to provide the Data Center’s entire electrical load.

Electrical power to the Data Center Substation will initially be provided via the District’s original underground power lines that are supplied by CL&P, the District’s Fitch Street Substation will supply the entirety of the District’s electrical loads, including the Data Center Substation, when it comes on line in December 2013.