East Norwalk Library to Go Green

Posted on September 1st, 2018 Comments Off

East Norwalk Library is going through some amazing changes. With the ongoing support of the Third Taxing District (TTD), the Library recently had a new roof installed. The next change will be the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The PV system will allow the library to reduce its operating expenses and carbon footprint.

TTD General Manager Kevin Barber explains that TTD will be installing a solar array on the roof of the library to generate electricity to cover the majority of the library’s electrical needs. The solar array will consist of 124 solar panels on the east and west sides of the library and will generate approximately 40,000 kilowatt hours of electricity on an annual basis. The amount of electricity generated by the panels during the day will exceed the usage at the library. Any excess energy will be fed back into the TTD distribution system and will reduce the amount of energy TTD purchases for its customers from the grid. This will result in a savings for all of TTD’s customers.

This is the first solar project TTD has installed within the District and is a pilot project to study the savings and effects of the PV system on our distribution system.
Kevin says “The library is an ideal location for this project. The library building is owned and supported by the Third Taxing District. The benefits and savings resulting from the PV system is passed on directly to the library, the residents of the Third Taxing District and the customers of the electric department.”

TTD is also planning an additional project for the library that is directly related to the solar PV system, a battery storage system. The battery storage system will be charged by the PV system and can be utilized during power outages or other power related events. This will allow the library, which is a designated heating and cooling center, to have power during a power emergency. TTD could also discharge the batteries during peak energy usage times to also reduce the amount of energy TTD has to purchase for its customers. Kevin says, “The combination of the solar and battery systems has the potential for covering all of the library’s electrical needs.

These two projects are a win-win situation for the library, and TTD.” Like the solar PV system, the battery storage system will also be the first installed by TTD in the District. Another important facet of this project is the educational component. TTD will be installing a kiosk in the library that will allow the library patrons to view the output of the solar array on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. The installation of this system will also help the library reduce its carbon footprint. The environmental impacts are expected to be an offset of 64,667 lbs. of CO2 on an annual basis. Over the life of the project, the CO2 offset will be 1,479,541 miles NOT driven or an equivalent of 3,383 trees planted.

Kevin states ”This is a wonderful and unique project for TTD. The project not only benefits the Library, but also the entire Third Taxing District and all of our customers.”