Fisherman’s World: Where Great Fishermen Are Born

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Owner Richard (“Rick”) Mola grew up working in his father’s business, Fisherman’s World, which is a bait and tackle shop that was established in 1974 in East Norwalk, CT. Rick’s father, Vincent “Vinny” Mola was a WW2 veteran and an “exceptional man”. Both Vinny and his wife, Lillian (Rick’s Mother) worked tirelessly to provide a family run business and received a lot of support from the local community. They incorporated their son, Rick, as a child and quickly shifted the ownership of the business to him after recognizing his passion. One of Rick’s earliest memories is being woken by his father in the middle of the night, when the weather was damp, to help him pick nightcrawlers to sell in the store as bait.

After Lillian passed, Rick’s wife, Gloria, joined the family business. Shortly after, Fisherman’s World turned into a third generation family business when their daughters, Ashley and Sherri, became involved at a young age. Since then, Ashley and Sherri have integrated an online presence expanding their customer base worldwide. Rick’s history of understanding fishing, command of water habits and research of the best tools have consistently made him a resource for both nationally televised fishing episodes and seminars (Saltwater Sportsman).

Fisherman’s World has been in business for 60 years now, and fishermen come from all over the world to learn how to fish. Rick says, “Training is part of our business plan and it’s a passion. I always say to customers, it is to our advantage for you to become a good fisherman and have confidence in yourself.”

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