Residential Rates

Residential Electric Rates

*Effective January 1, 2017

Below is an outline of the Residential Rates for TTD customers. These rates are used when TTD calculates your monthly bill.

Residential Service Charge $ 8.00
Residential Kilowatt Hour Charge $.1424
**Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) $.0230
Energy Conservation Fund Charge $.0025

*Rates are subject to change.
**PCA will be periodically updated to reflect the wholesale cost of power charged to TTD by its wholesale power supplier, CMEEC.

Sample Rate Calculation

Based on 740KWh per month

Below is a Residential Rate Example, using the rates as outlined above in the Residential Rate section.

Residential Service Charge $ 8.00
Residential KWH Charge (700 x .1424) $99.68
Power Cost Adjustment Charge (700 x .0230) $ 16.10
Energy Conservation Fund Charge (700 x .0025) $ 1.75
Total Current Charges $125.53

Download the Residential Electric Rates Brochure

Service Charges

Below is a description of the standard service charges for all TTD customers. If you have questions about these service charges, please contact us at 203-866-9271.

Reconnect Fee:

Normal business hours $ 30.00
After business hours $ 75.00
Failure to Pay $100.00
Turn off service at the pole $100.00
Returned checks fee* $ 25.00
*Per item

TTD has established the following custom rates for unique lighting situations, including security lighting and green power. If you have questions about special lighting situations at your home or office, please contact us at 203-866-9271.

Security Lighting Rates

High Pressure Sodium

Wattage Appx. Lumens Cost per Month
70 5,800 $ 8.85
100 15,000 $13.50
250 27,500 $24.75
400 50,000 $45.00

Green Power Rates

Learn more about TTD’s Green Power options here.

Green Power 250 $ 2.50 Flat Charge
Green Power 500 $ 5.00 Flat Charge
Green Power All $.0100