Energy Conservation and Rebate Programs

The following energy conservation and rebate programs are available to TTD customers. For additional information call our office at 203-866-9271.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Program

Replace your 5-year or older lighting systems with high efficiency fluorescent lights or LED technology. TTD is offering a cash rebate of $.16* per kilowatt-hour saved.

*Subject to change.

Connecticut Cool Choice Rebates

Connecticut Municipal Utilities Cool Choice Program (Residential and Commercial)Download and complete the form. Follow instructions on form for submitting.

Other Rebates

Connecticut Heat Pump Water Heater RebateDownload and complete the form. Follow instructions on form for submitting.

Connecticut Attic Insulation RebateDownload and complete the form. Follow instructions on form for submitting.

Home Energy Savings Program

TTD is proud to partner with LanternEnergy to provide our customers with a FREE home energy assessment and services, including:

  • Overall health and safety check of the home
  • Blower door guided air sealing
  • Duct test and duct sealing (if applicable)
  • Water saving aerators and showerheads
  • 25 courtesy LED bulbs
  • Insulation evaluation and special rebate offer for additional attic insulation if needed

Call toll free 1-877-878-3006 for an appointment, or visit LanternEnergy for more information and to request your FREE assessment. You can also pick up your Home Energy Savings Program brochure in the lobby of our office, or download one here (ver aquí en español).

Pride in Public Power

You can access the Pride in Public Power library by visiting While there, you can access APPA’s Pride in Public Power video, produced in 2012 to communicate the important role public power plays in communities across the country.

Energy Assistance – ABCD (Action for Bridgeport Community Development, Inc.)

Energy Assistance is a program that helps income-eligible people who have difficulty paying the cost of heating their home by providing vendor payments for home heating, through an intake and assessment process. Energy Assistance will determine how its services can best help lower energy costs. The primary goal of this program is to keep households warm and safe during the winter months. Income guidelines for the program change yearly and are based on the state/national poverty level. East Norwalk residents interested in assistance should visit ABCD in-person at 98 S. Main Street, 2nd Floor, South Norwalk. For more information, visit their website or call 203-838-8110.

Energy Depot

Energy Depot for Homes is an online suite of residential energy information applications which includes:

  • Personal Energy Profile (Home Energy Audit – Full and EZ)
  • Energy Calculator
  • Energy Comparison Tool
  • Energy Library and FAQ
  • Energy Advisor

Green Power

Continuing its leadership role in conservation and environmental stewardship, your electric department is offering three options for clean renewable energy. The energy provided under this program currently comes from equal parts wind, small hydro and landfill gas. All energy supplied through the program will come from sources complying with the renewable energy definition in the Connecticut statutes.

The opportunity to receive green power, to do your part for the environment and to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is entirely at your discretion. You may elect to purchase your energy as you do at present or you may select one of the available Green Power options:

  • Option Green Power 250 provides 250 KWH of green energy each month for an added cost of $2.50.
  • Option Green Power 500 provides 500 KWH of green energy each month for an added cost of $5.00.
  • Option Green Power All provides all of your energy requirements for an added cost of one cent per KWH.

Call our office at 203-866-9271 during normal business hours to elect the Green Power program of your choice. You may leave any program or change your program choice at the end of any month.


Kill-A-WattHow Much Energy Do Your Appliances Use? Find out now. Your electric department is loaning a Kill-A-Watt device that plugs into most household appliances and measures its electric KWH usage. Borrow a Kill-A-Watt by stopping at our office today and measure your appliance usage to help you to save energy.

Visit the Kill-A-Watt website.

Renewable Power – Install sun generated power and save money. Continuing your electric department’s leadership role in energy conservation and environmental stewardship the TTD Commission has established a renewable energy fund. Whereas the large private utilities add a charge to their customers’ bills for renewable energy, TTD is not making any such assessment and is establishing this fund out of electric department profits. The first projects to be financed through this fund will be customer owned solar photovoltaic (PV) electric systems. Rebates as determined by the Clean Energy Fund are available. The funds available for rebates are limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Solar power is probably the most benign source of renewable energy producing no emissions whatsoever. A solar installation on your home will produce power for many years and will enhance the value of your home when you sell it. In addition to the rebate from TTD, tax credits of up to $2000 are currently available. TTD will also net meter any residence with a renewable power source installed. We will also purchase any net energy delivered back to our system. For more details including a list of approved contractors visit the website of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

Additional programs may be announced in the future.