TTD Announces Enhancements to Energy Conservation Programs

TTD Provides Energy Efficient and Cost-Saving Options to Residential and Commercial Customers

Norwalk, CT (September 29, 2015) – Norwalk’s Third Taxing District, (“TTD”) recently announced the details of enhanced energy conservation programs and partnerships now available to their customers.

“We are always looking for ways to help our customers save money on electricity costs,” said Jim Smith, General Manager of TTD. “After considering the everyday needs of residents and business owners in the district, we evaluated new options, as well as improvements to existing programs, and are excited to roll them out for the benefit of our customers.”

One of TTD’s newest offerings is a Commercial and Industrial Lighting Program, which encourages commercial and industrial customers to replace any indoor or outdoor lighting system that was installed before 2011 with high efficiency fluorescent light or LED technology. This program includes an incentive structure with rebates from TTD that are more than double the normal cash rebate value ($.32 per kilowatt-hour saved).

“This program gives our commercial customers an opportunity to upgrade their facilities with new lighting while taking advantage of rebates,” Smith continued. “Our team has worked diligently to make this process as seamless as possible for our neighborhood business owners.”

As part of TTD’s on-going commitment to their leadership role in energy conservation and environmental stewardship, TTD has established a renewable energy fund to benefit their customers. The renewable energy fund is earmarked for helping to develop Renewable Power and Solar PV throughout the district.

“Solar energy, including the increased development and use of solar gardens, is a key component in the long-term energy-efficiency goals at the state level,” commented Smith. “Our Renewable Power and Solar PV program will allow our customers to choose the best solar option for their needs, and TTD can assist customers with rebate programs and partnerships that make the investment financially feasible.”

In addition to the new programs available, TTD also completed an internal review of existing energy conservation programs to ensure that all available offerings are relevant to the current needs of their residential and commercial customers. Some of these additional options include “Energy Assistance – ABCD,” which replaced the NEON program and assists income-eligible people who have difficulty paying the cost to heat their home, and “Green Power,” a three-tiered program that gives customers the option to change their personal reliance on fossil fuels.

TTD also assists customers who want to take advantage of incentive opportunities available directly from the State of Connecticut. Rebates are available through TTD to offset the cost of certain qualified home improvement projects, including the installation of a high-efficiency air conditioning equipment system, or purchase of an eligible Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater with an Energy Factor of 2.0 or greater.

For more information on TTD’s Energy-Saving Programs, visit or call 203-866-9271.