Third Taxing District’s Touch-A-Bucket-Truck at Marvin Elementary

East Norwalk, CT (May 19, 2017) — TTD hosted its annual Touch-A-Bucket-Truck event at Marvin Elementary earlier this month.

Smiles and laughter from the students at Marvin Elementary School easily made the Third Taxing District (“TTD”) Touch-A-Bucket-Truck event even more enjoyable this year. When the TTD showed up to the Marvin Elementary School in East Norwalk with their digger derrick and bucket truck in the afternoon of May 19th, each class eagerly awaited to come outside and sit on the grass to learn about electrical safety.

A big thanks goes to Jim Smith, Cynthia Tenney, and linemen Bill Ruedeman and Paul Hedrick
of TTD, who all work so hard in making our community’s businesses and residents safe. Jim spoke to each class about both trucks and what purpose they served. He also spoke about why wearing a hard hat is so crucial for the linemen to have. When Jim asked questions, many hands from the crowds of children popped up as they shouted out answers.

Cynthia Tenney brought enough crayons and coloring books for each class, all with fun graphics about electrical safety. When the time came for teachers to go up in the bucket truck, the kids got excited because they could not wait to see their teacher up high in the air!

It was a great day for sure and we all can’t wait until next year, to again educate these bright young minds why it is so important to stay safe and have fun at the same time.