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Third Taxing District

2 Second Street
Norwalk, CT 06855

Everyone knows Tower Optical! When you go virtually anywhere in the U.S., Tower Optical is there. You know ‘em – those tall, cool binocular viewers you’ve seen since you were a kid.

That’s right — established in 1932, Tower Optical is a family-owned business that has always made their home right in your own town – East Norwalk!

Greg Rising, head of Tower Optical, and his team, manufacture and place the units in
scenic locations all over the country. Fully cast in bronze, many of these viewers were built 50-60 years ago, and are still in great shape.

“At Tower Optical, there is no limit to how these viewer machines can be used. We are even pairing them up with modern technology such as virtual reality,” Greg says.

“Much of our success has been due to the great work of our team. I love working with them and they have always been loyal, even before and after both of my parents retired from the business. I consider them part of my family.”

Greg and Tower Optical welcome anyone to stop by and say hello.

For more information on the Tower Optical Company, visit www.toweropticalco.com

The Tower Optical team (L-R): Greg Rising, Brian Thoele, Rich Marasco, Sue Thoele, Bruce Bruchac (not pictured, Josh McKirdy). The dog’s name is Liza.