TTD Announces Successful Completion of Fitch Street Substation

December 27, 2013 – Transmission & Distribution World

Fitch Street Groundbreaking

Fitch Street Substation groundbreaking: Norwalk Mayor, Richard Moccia

TTD, Norwalk, Connecticut’s Third Taxing District Electric Co. has completed construction and begun operation of the Fitch Street Substation on-schedule and within budget. There has been significant coordination throughout the process; Test Plans have been reviewed by CL&P, UI, Eaton Corporation and TTD, monopoles have been placed at the East Norwalk Train Station and affected lines have been re-energized and put into service.

The Fitch Street Substation was completed in less than 33 months, an impressive accomplishment based on location and regulatory requirements and the multi-layered coordination and collaboration outlined in the aggressive project timeline.

Jim Smith, General Manager of TTD, credits the TTD staff and the partnership with Eaton Corporation for keeping the project on-schedule. “Under the guidance of Joe Cristino and myself, our dedicated staff has worked long hours to successfully complete this project on-schedule and within budget. I am proud of the team involved in every aspect of this process, and we’re proud that Fitch Street is now energized for our community and customers.”

TTD completed testing over the past 10 days, and final testing of the substation was completed without connection to TTD’s system, minimizing any possible impact to TTD customers. Once the testing was complete, the cut-overs to Fitch Street began immediately.