TTD Business Pick: Rise Up Fitness

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Rise Up Fitness: Personal and group training for Norwalk “I started Rise Up Fitness in January 2018 and my trainers and clients followed me from the previous gym I trained at,” says owner Bruce Ceja. “I have always loved fitness. I started in boxing at twelve years old, and from there on
fitness became my career.” Rise Up Fitness is a one-of-a-kind private fitness studio that coaches small groups and offers private training.
Everyone who joins classes will eventually know one another well. Bruce says, “It’s like I am training my friends every week, because a lot of
my clients have been training with me for five years.” Rise Up Fitness not only trains in boxing, but also Pilates, weight lifting and cardio
workouts. Bruce also has two dogs that stay with him at Rise Up. His first dog’s name is Brooklyn and she is twelve years old. His second dog’s
name is Crush and she is six months old. Bruce feels good change for Rise Up. His classes are expanding, which means he will offer more
classes and more on the schedule. The current schedule is Boot-camp on Monday, strength training on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is for boxing. Bruce says, “we do all our scheduling through an app called MindBody.” Bruce, his trainers and his students participated in a Spartan Race near West Point in August which is an obstacle course three to four miles long and is very challenging. “I am here to
help and support my students, in any way possible,” says Bruce.

(203) 939-7552 • 242 East Ave, Norwalk

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