TTD Community Spotlight: East Norwalk Cemetery

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East Norwalk Cemetery is filled with the lives of the original settlers of Norwalk. Thirty families, who are known as the planters and original settlers of Norwalk are buried in East Norwalk Cemetery. These settlers arrived at Norwalk in the spring of 1651 and were preceded by
Norwalk and Hartford Settlers, Nathanial Ely and Richard Olmstead. The East Norwalk Cemetery was built in the middle of East Avenue for the purpose to be surrounded by these settlers’ homes, to provide protection from marauding Indians and wild animals. This cemetery is the resting place of our founding fathers and families. The Honorable Governor Thomas Fitch of colonial fame, his son Col. Thomas Fitch, Jr., outstanding military leader known also as Yankee Doodle (“Dandy!”), are buried here. Soldiers who took part in defending the lives of their brethren from Indian Wars down through the many periods of later wars are also buried here.