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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Below is our top story ~ and more ~ to kick off the year right!  Stay safe! — Kevin Kilowatt


When do water & electricity mix? NOT at home, that’s for sure!…

But when it comes to hydropower,

electricity production is virtually unlimited!

Hydropower Energy

What is hydropower?

Hydropower is power that is generated from moving water such as rivers.


Renewable Energy
Hydropower is a renewable energy source. This means that using a dam or a river to generate electricity doesn’t use up any limited resources like coal or gasoline.


How do we get power from water?
Falling or flowing water from a big river has a lot of energy. We can harness this by forcing the water through a pipe called a penstock. As the water flows through the pipe it turns the blades of a turbine which spins an electric generator. As long as the water is flowing, the generator will be able to provide electricity.


Hydroelectric power from a dam
Electricity can be generated by water moving through a dam


Run-of-the-river System
In a run-of-the-river system the turbines are spun by the natural flow of the river.


Pumped Storage System
This system is like the storage system except it uses pumps to pump used water back up into the reservoir.

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Some words you need to know!

Some words you need to know!

Power Stations This is a place where electricity is created and sent to our homes and other places where it’s needed. Furnaces An enclosed structure that makes things very hot. Turbines This is a machine that creates continuous power in which a wheel, or something...

Lightning Is Powerful

Lightning Is Powerful

Here are some facts to light up your day!How hot is a lightning bolt? Only about 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit — roughly five times hotter than the surface of the sun!How much energy is in a lightning bolt? An average lightning bolt can release enough...

The Most Amazing Electrical Component

The Most Amazing Electrical Component

THE HUMAN HEARTYou must have felt your own heart beating, well this actually works from electricity. Yes really, electricity! The Heart's Electrical SystemTo make a heartbeat, an electrical signal is generated by the heart's sinus node, which is a small mass of...

Can You Name These 4 Incredible Inventors?

Can You Name These 4 Incredible Inventors?

Benjamin Franklin Franklin is known for his experiments with electricity - most notably the kite experiment - a fascination that began in earnest after he accidentally shocked himself in 1746. By 1749, he had turned his attention to the possibility of protecting...

How high does a bucket truck go?

Answer: As high as it wants! The real height is up to 60 feet…

Pretty places… right in your own backyard!

Did you hear? East Norwalk parks are big!

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