TTD’s Business Pick: March/April

Posted on March 1st, 2019 Comments Off

At Station House, everyone is considered family! Carol Goodchild, Owner of Station House Bar and Grille has been working since she was
16 years old with her father in the restaurant business. Carol’s family also owns two other businesses in Norwalk — Harbor Lights and
Overton’s Seafood. “Norwalk is my town. My family and I live here and I am staying till the end,” says Carol. Station House has many employees,
andCarol treats each one like her own family. “Our employees have been here for a long time. Some have been here 10-20 years,” says Carol.
Head Chef, Luciane Velinski says, “I have been working here for eight years, and to this day I am very happy.” Not only does Station House
serve great food and drinks, they also serve the community. Carol says, “we have space upstairs at Station House and we do lots fundraising events for Norwalk. Our next event is March 14th for Mayor Rilling, and the next is on April 27th for Nathan Hale Middle School. Come join us!”