TTD’s Organization Pick: East Norwalk Business Association

Posted on September 1st, 2019 Comments Off

The East Norwalk Business Association (“ENBA”) was started in 2003. Its origins sprang out of a need to address political issues that were affecting East Norwalk, and businesses in particular. Founder and President of ENBA, Winthrop E. Baum says, “we felt in order to gain a voice we needed to galvanize our group of businesses in East Norwalk which totaled about 500 enterprises, ranging from small offices to travel agencies, accounting firms, manufacturers, restaurants and a host of other businesses that did not have a collective voice prior to the formation of ENBA.” The East Norwalk Business Association gives these businesses that voice by speaking to authorities on a variety of subjects such as the Walk Bridge Project, transit-oriented design, CT Department of Transportation on repairing or replacing roads, bridges and more. Mr. Baum says, “Speaking as one business owner, we can only go so far, but speaking as a group we can really have a much greater impact.” ENBA has positively impacted businesses by example of the creation for the plan of a four-lane roadway on East Avenue passing under the 120 yearold bridge which is being rebuilt. Mr. Baum says “Join us! We are all in this together and surely it makes sense for all businesses to participate with us.
Again, individually our voice is muted, but collectively our voice is strong.”

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