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Yes, bees! It’s not just the smell and colorful petals of flowers that attract bees… a bee can often tell if one’s been already visited by a bee due to a change in the flower’s electric charge.
Have you ever heard of this spiny fish? The Stargazer has special muscles in its eyes that can emit an electric current to shock its prey… or scare off predators.
Spiders webs are sticky. They are attracted to charged particles… insects. An insect flies by and the web practically grabs them.
Guiana Dolphins
Guiana dolphins are born with whiskers, but they all fall out. When they do, the holes that once held their whiskers act as sensors to detect electric fields given off by prey
Electric Eels
This may shock you: electric eels are not eels. They’re more like a catfish, but don’t
let that fool you. Electric eels possess electrogenic cells that can stun prey and predators alike – even communicate with other electric eels. Avoid this living lighting bolt at all costs!