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Third Taxing District

2 Second Street
Norwalk, CT 06855

From farm to harbor, then your table…

In May 2018 Harbor Harvest of East Norwalk, a food market dedicated to selling quality sustainable foods, was approved as a designated Marine Highway Program. A project that owner Robert (“Bob”) Kunkel, hopes to develop with the Third Taxing District is a charging station for his hybrid boats. Bob has lived with his family in 06855 for twenty seven years, and believes that this project will bring more support to local farms and small community businesses.

Bob says, “Part of our transportation goals are to develop Hybrid catamarans to move farm products across Long Island Sound. Shipping products by hybrid is more sustainable than transporting cargo on our highways because it eliminates emissions from diesel trucks, reduces the carbon footprint and creates better opportunities for artisans and farmers local in Connecticut, Long Island and New York.” Not
only is East Norwalk picking up on the mission of Harbor Harvest, but other large businesses like Farmers Cow, want their product on Harbor Harvest’s Hybrid boats.

Bob sees the vision growing and states, “We believe that local food is the future, and that local transportation has to support it. Harbor Harvest is a butcher shop, retail store, farmers market, small café, and is based on local support of the community, and this concept is to inspire other small businesses in East Norwalk to achieve the same goals.”

(203) 939-9289 • www.harborharvest.com

7 Cove Avenue, Norwalk CT 06855

Bob Kunkel of Harbor Harvest