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Third Taxing District

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Norwalk, CT 06855

TTD’s FREE Tree Lottery Returns This Spring

Yes, it’s back! Again this year, TTD offers trees to homeowners in East Norwalk for FREE. With a grant to Norwalk Tree Alliance, TTD will provide trees at no cost to homeowners – for the tree and for planting it. Our goal is to beautify East Norwalk neighborhoods and to enhance the quality of our environment.

Because the Free Tree program has been so popular, a tree lottery has been established for the last three years. If you’re interested in a free tree to be planted in your front yard, please email TTD at ctenney@ttd.gov with your name, home address and telephone number. If you entered the lottery in previous years, you’ll need to enter again this year in order to qualify. As there are a limited number of trees available, qualified homeowners will be selected at a drawing at the end of March (2020).

Lucky homeowners will be contacted in early April. They will be offered from a selection of specimen trees, such as maple, oak and linden. A professional landscape team then will plant the selected tree at a front yard location approved by the homeowner.

Since we began the Free Tree program, Norwalk Tree Alliance has planted over 60 trees throughout East Norwalk. These trees help to restore the tree canopy of Norwalk depleted due to storm damage, disease and removal.

Why plant a tree?
Trees provide many personal, neighborhood and town benefits throughout the year. Besides adding value and beauty to your property, trees provide a habitat for songbirds and other wildlife. They absorb pollution and provide cooling shade.

By holding in soil, trees reduce erosion and storm-water runoff.