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Third Taxing District

2 Second Street
Norwalk, CT 06855

Norwalk Pizza & Pasta

The already popular Norwalk Pizza & Pasta “@the 55” has turned a corner, quite literally! They moved to 13 Winfield Street (next to Don Carmelo’s), and have an upgraded look and menu, and brand new dining room & bar.


Lindsay’s Handmade Ice Cream

It’s all in the name… “Lindsay’s Handmade“… and that’s what Lindsay does!

“If your ice cream has candied figs in it, I candied them myself,” says Lindsay. “If it has cranberry jam, I made the jam. If it has fudge, I made it. If there’s bacon, then there IS bacon. I cooked and crumbled and candied it. If there’s toffee, I agonized over it and probably threw away two batches for every one that came out right. The best part is being able to create everything the way I want it to be, the best way I possibly can.”

“The best cocoa powder. The best spices. The best fruits, whether they are fresh, dried, or frozen. No canned stuff. No dyes or colors, or artificial anything. What you see is what you taste. I make small batches (10 quarts at a time) so I can really focus on the process and give every pint the attention it deserves.”

Lindsay’s Handmade Ice Cream proudly operates out of East Norwalk’s 25 Van Zant St.